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So you need a set of tyres for your truck?

It’s not a problem! The question is, what sort of tyres will be best?  

To start with, you’ll have to consider what you use that truck for. Will you regularly be pulling heavy loads or pulling a trailer? Do you expect to keep it on the pavement most of the time, or will you sporadically go rough terrain? On the off chance that you go rough terrain, will it be on soft dirt or will you be plowing through brush, mud, and rocks? Lastly… what’s your financial plan?

In case you need to keep it on the pavement more often than not and your truck is a day by day driver for errands, school, soccer, and grocery runs, all-season tyres are probably the correct decision. All-season light truck tyres can rival the best passenger tyres with regards to noise level, handling, ride quality and road conduct while offering great, dependable traction on wet or dry pavement.

All terrain tyres feature a more aggressive tread design than all-season tyres and are equipped for any limited off-road use. While they have enhanced traction and load capacity, many off-road tyres design still have good noise suppression; ride quality and handling on the road. Some off-terrain tyres feature the industry’ M + S stamp, which means they offer great execution in mud and snow.

Mud tyres are a next stride up from off-terrain tyres. Mud tyres as a rule feature a blocky tread pattern with a high void ratio, which means they can shed mud from their treads as they turn so there’s dependably a clear area to dig into soft surfaces. Many mud tyres are also designed with fortified sidewalls for extra toughness and resistance to gouges, punctures, and abrasions in off-road use.

Finally, the decision is yours, obviously. Just consider your truck, your driving habits, your expectations and your budget. There are a lot of great choices for light truck tyres, at all price points! Make an appointment with us at Kent Tyres and let’s talk about the next set of tyres for your truck!


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